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A Comissão Lancet está realizando a pesquisa “COVID-19 on IT-facilitated learning in HPE Worldwide Survey”, que faz parte da iniciativa “Transforming Health Professions Education – 10-Year Follow-Up on 2010 Lancet Report”.  O questionário é direcionado a reitores e diretores das escolas de Medicina e Enfermagem. Sua contribuição e participação são muito importantes! Para participar, entre em contato com [email protected].
Requesting your participation in a survey on behalf of President Julio Frenk and Lincoln Chen – Transforming Health Professions Education 10-Year Follow-Up on 2010 Lancet Report


On behalf of President Julio Frenk and Lincoln Chen. we are writing to request your participation in a survey to determine how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the accelerated use or adoption of information technology to facilitate health professions education worldwide. We apologize for the email length, but the project team wants you to have the necessary background.Ten years ago, the Lancet Commission published a landmark report entitled Health professionals for a new century: transforming education to strengthen health system in an interdependent world. Twenty leaders from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and various regions of the world collaborated to recommend 10 practical recommendations for the advancement and transformation of health professions education (HPE) globally. In August 2019, the former co-chairs of the commission (President Julio Frenk, Lincoln Chen) proposed a 10-year follow-up review of the report to assess developments within HPE over the last decade. Coincidentally, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic was declared in March 2020 accelerating transformations in institutional and instructional operations, particularly within the scope of information technology applications.

Given the dramatic developments that progressed due to the unprecedented urgency of the pandemic, we kindly ask that you complete this brief survey to help the two former co-chairs of the Lancet Commission assess the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the landscape of higher education institutions. In the context of a global emergency, the aim of this survey is to understand and map out the technological applications that have been implemented as the result of the pandemic to facilitate the immediate transfer of most higher education instruction online to support remote learning.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All answers are confidential, and your participation is voluntary. Whatever you decide, you will not be penalized or lose benefits.

We hope that you will consider joining President Frenk and Dr. Chen as a participant of this survey, which will run until January 13, 2021.

Thank you for your participation. If you have any questions or would like to make a comment, please email the Principal Investigator, Dr. Roderick King at [email protected] or the Study Coordinator, Kurrdeige Alexander at [email protected].

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